Things I learned at droidconDE — Part 1

SQLite is over?

From the first day of Barcamp, there were many talks about persistence. Sqlite has been my go-to solution previously. However, it comes with some problems, especially updates are a bit painful and SQL queries are not easy to debug. I really enjoyed the SQL lovers & haters panel.

Developing at big scale

One of my favourite talks was from Facebook — “Scaling Android @ Facebook” by Marco Cova. The scale Facebook operates in is hard to comprehend! These are a few key things which stuck with me.

Kotlin everywhere!

Majority of code examples used in talks were in Kotlin and it seems like it’s definitely becoming very very popular in Android community. I have not made the change just yet. However, with official support from google, the reasons not to switch are disappearing quickly. After the conference, I feel much more strongly about starting to use Kotlin at work.



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